VRTEACHER training activities

The VRTEACHER training activities took place in all partner countries (Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Ireland, and Malta) between December 2022 and February 2023. The structure of the training activities was the following: Introductory online workshop, face-to-face training groups, and follow up online workshop. During the face-to-face training sessions the participants had to answer a pre-questionnaire before the VR implementation and a post-questionnaire after the VR implementation to investigate the impact of VR-based training. The final online session took place four weeks after the VR intervention and the participants were asked to fill in a follow-up questionnaire to investigate the long-term impact of the VR intervention.

In total more than 300 in-service and pre-service teachers were trained and had the opportunity to pilot test the VRTEACHER application. The consortium will elaborade on the results and feedback received to identify the impact of the VR training tool and its potential in teacher education.

VRTEACHER application

The VRTEACHER application developed as part of the project, along with its user manual are openly accessible and available in three langauages English, Greek and Spanish. The consortium invites teachers from partner countries and beyond to register using the website of the project All project’s resources including the VRTEACHER application are available for download through the project’s platform.

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