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The VRTEACHER project, a pioneering initiative aimed at transforming teacher training through the power of virtual reality (VR), has reached its successful conclusion. This groundbreaking project, funded by Erasmus+ (2020-1-CY01-KA226-SCH-082707) has revolutionized the way educators are prepared for the challenges of the modern classroom, equipping them with immersive and interactive experiences that enhance their skills and pedagogical practices.

The VRTEACHER project has focused on harnessing the potential of VR technology to provide teachers with a unique and transformative training experience. Over the course of two years, the project has developed a cutting-edge VR tool that simulates real-world classroom scenarios, allowing teachers to practice their instructional techniques and engage with various pedagogical challenges in a safe and controlled environment.

One of the key achievements of the VRTEACHER project is its successful implementation across the five partner countries (Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Ireland and Malta). The VR tool has been utilized in teacher training workshops, reaching the target of training more than 300 teachers. By allowing teachers to step into virtual classrooms, the project has provided them with valuable opportunities to develop their skills, enhance their classroom management techniques, and explore innovative teaching strategies. Through realistic and extreme scenarios, teachers have been able to address issues such as domestic abuse, diversity and inclusion, classroom management, and student phobias.

As the VRTEACHER project concludes, the project’s innovative approach to teacher training has set new benchmarks and opened new avenues for utilizing virtual reality in education. The project’s outcomes, including a comprehensive best practices handbook, publications, and research findings, will continue to serve as valuable resources for educators and educational institutions seeking to enhance their teaching practices using VR.

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