vr training Jul22

The first in-person Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) by the VRTEACHER Project was held in Madrid, Spain, between the 20th and the 22nd of June 2022. It was hosted by the University Carlos III of Madrid, and 18 people from the partner organizations participated. The main objectives of the LTTA was to familiarize the staff of partner organizations with VR technology, pilot-test and evaluate the beta version of the VR application, and provide guidelines to the partners on how to implement the VR tool. The training sessions started with an introduction to Virtual Reality in education, highlighting the potential and challenges and showcasing affordable immersive technologies for this important sector. Then came the much-anticipated session where the trainees could immerse themselves into the VR application developed by the project and also test some other VR applications. The response from the trainees was very positive and their testing resulted in valuable feedback on how to improve the VR application. This piloting will enable the developers of the application, University Carlos III and the Cyprus University of Technology, to release the final version to be used in the multiplier events targeting pre-service and in-service educators to be held in the partners’ countries in the coming months. The VR application will be accompanied by a training manual, an evaluation framework and impact assessment tools, and an online platform to create a community of practice for educators using VR in education. All these are part of the intellectual outputs of the project.

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