3rd transnational partner meeting Jul22

The third transnational partner meeting of the European project entitled “VRTEACHER – Virtual Reality-based Training to improvE digitAl Competences of teacHERs ” took place on Thursday 23RD and Friday 24th June 2022 in Madrid, Spain. It was hosted by the University Carlos III, one of the project parters, and it was the first time the partners could meet in person after most of the pandemic-related restrictions were lifted in the EU.

This meeting came exactly halfway through the two years of the project, which has the ambition to provide effective education responses related to educators’ training via using a novel VR-based pedagogical approach for virtual practicum. The project aims to address the need for modernization and digital transformation of teacher education and training and reinforce educators’ digital skills and readiness through a Virtual Reality (VR) training method and tool.

The meeting covered the usual administrative aspects and the progress registered with the intellectual outputs, especially the VR-based competence framework for teacher training and the state-of-the-art VR teacher training application that reflects real-life-based teacher training needs. The meeting discussed the outcome of the learning, teaching and training activity (LTTA) held in the previous three days that presented the beta version of the VR application. The application will be used in the training of educators in partner countries in the coming months. These multiplier events in partner countries will make it possible for the VR application to be integrated both in pre-service and in-service teacher training initiatives since these educators are the main target groups of the project.

The next physical partner meeting will be held in Malta in November 2022 while online meetings have already been scheduled.

More details about the project can be found here:



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